Who we are

We are a team of Web platforms, Systems/Apps Developers & Business Intelligence specialists simply making executive and business operation management easier, smarter and more efficient.
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    What We Do

    We build Web Platforms, Cloud Systems & Business Intelligence Dashboards for Business Users, Executives and top-level managers. We basically offer solutions that allow for the fastest time of fetching, processing,retrieving and presenting data, easily bringing the valuable data to the eyes of the executive team and allowing them to make decisions in real time.

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    Why We Do This

    Our mission is to simplify the complexity of big data systems, analytics and to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions in minutes, not months. We believe you shouldn’t need a data scientist or multiple, technical tools to model, integrate, cleanse, prepare, analyze and visualize your data. We make solutions that analyze data, and visualize your results.

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    Where We Work

    We work for Banks and Financial Instiutions , Insurance Firms, Real Estate Firms, Research Firms and Governement Ministries. We work with Business Users, CEO’s,Top-Level Managers ,Business Analysts and Researchers . We bring the best of them.

solutions we offer

Our Services

We aim to take our clients beyond guesswork. We deliver breakthrough insights that help businesses maximise ROI and drive competitive advantage.

Our Clients

"You have lots of data - now what?"

Our Products

How can we unlock real value from our data? Systems that tell the story in your data.
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    Executive Dashboards

    End-to-end big data analytics applications that enables the fastest time from raw data to new insights.

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    Deals Tracking Dashboard

    For tracking Company Deals,Pitches Deals. An executive dashboard for tracking Company Deals,Pitches and More.

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    Online Sales Dashboard

    For Tracking Online Sales,Trends. An executive dashboard for tracking online sales and trends.

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    GIS Solutions

    We offer solutions with interactive smart maps that visualize spatial information and help make better and wiser business decisions that are important for the organization of work. Sometimes you can’t read your data and visualize it at the same time.

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    Workflow Automation

    We provide workflow automation solution that help improve productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Workflow automation provides several benefits over manual processes including : Policy compliance adherence, Reduced approval cycles, Reduced manual handling, Improved visibility, Improved employee satisfaction, Continual process improvement, Better workload management and Reduced errors.

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    Bots & Intelligent Tools

    We work with our clients to provide Intelligent Bots that help users accomplish specific tasks by identifying user intent from text or voice conversations using artificial intelligence. They extract key pieces of information using a process called entity extraction leveraging natural language understanding.

Our Clients

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