We have a revolutionary application to make chama activities easier


As a global player in the tech industry, we have also worked with other industries to help manage their clients by building simple and flexible CRM.


The power shift between brand and customer happened during the economic downturn. Customers became more selective in which brand they chose to spend their money with.The winning brands were the ones who treated their customers with respect, offered great service, and built a relationship with them that still exists today.During the recession, another game-changer took place – social media marketing and social selling exploded onto the scene and mobile became a major part of the customer journey. Customers can now compare products and services in real time and across multiple devices, which has presented a huge challenge for many brands. Research has found that companies are struggling with this change and are unable to become a customer-centric organization – with the biggest challenge not being able to share customer information across departments.


As a result ScopicAfrica came up with the Realty platform to help in client relation management between the company, agents and clients.