A project has got various stages, we have the planning stage, the implementation stage and the monitoring and evaluation stage. If you are professionals like we are you know that this would be the standard way to develop software. We at Scopic we have done this so many times that it comes as second nature to us. We have had various successes, so we know how to achieve it. We have had many failures too but one thing about us is that this never happens twice. If you have a unique project that you feel is not covered in any of our products. Talk to us we can create  a custom solution for you. What’s more we have laid down processes for doing the same.

  • Ideate

    When you contact us we start by getting a picture of what you want the end result to be. We literally take a note book and jot down an idea of what you want.

  • Planning

    We start to create a solution that is custom tailored for you. We plan on how to bring your idea to life.

  • Development

    We get to work and bring a solution to reality.

  • Implementation

    Implementing the project may take a while. We monitor and evaluate the project with yo being with you along the way.

  • Monitoring and evaluation

    With us you do not only gain a software developer. You also have a technology partner. We get to see the progress of the project on who is using the system and how it is being used.

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  • Analytics & Visualizations

    Big Data is not just big – it’s messy and complicated. As a result, data professionals spend far more time wrangling and cleansing data than analyzing it. And business professionals are left on the outside looking in. Scopic Africa provides a breakthrough user experience that makes data experts far more productive and allows business analysts to work directly with Big Data.The result: better, faster, more informed business decisions.

  • Big-data Systems Development

    We build end-to-end big data systems and applications. From the desktop, to web and mobile, we create clean, simple and intuitive interfaces that interact with your system users easily enabling the fastest time of fetching, processing, retrieving and presenting data.

  • Data as a service

    Every business is a digital business, and digital business ecosystems are powered by APIs. We give you what you need to innovate and be successful in the API and app economy. Hundreds of companies use API’s to grow reach with mobile apps, create new products with partners and developers, accelerate internal development through APIs, and gain end-to-end visibility into business with the ability to analyze 360 degrees of information.

  • Artificial Intelligence (Brains + Bots)

    An AI is only as brilliant as the humans who train it. With a huge amount of data we help companies create AI models with high-quality training data easily, professionally and at scale.We provide business problem’s specific solution by predictive analysis for smarter decision making by designing an algorithm using support vector algorithms or neural networks.


  • Workflow Automation

    In partnership with Epesi Cloud we enables businesses automate their processes. The suite is tailored to offer you use the technologies around you to efficiently manage your work. Functionalities such as project management, accounting, sales pipeline management and human resource management are all catered for in the platform.

  • Web & Mobile Apps Development

    We offer eye-catching, user-friendly design and development solutions to a wide variety of businesses and organizations in our local community and across the country.

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