• Web-Design & Development
    • Big-Data Systems Development
    • Mobile Apps

    Drops of clarity
    to an increasingly digital world

    usability and modern standards
  • As CEOs, top-level managers, business analysts and researchers
    we believe that you don't have to stand in line anymore to get your data.
    You need to make smarter, faster and more accurate decisions.
    We offer solutions that brings the information you need - how, when and where you want it.

    * We are about Big Data *
  • The greatest value of visualizations is when it forces
    us to notice what we never expected to see.
    - John Tukey, 1977.

About Us

Who We are?

We are an integrated design studio based in Kenya. We create awesome websites,web applications,great user interfaces and other digital stuff..

What we do ?

We bring drops of clarity to a complex and increasingly digital world by working,evolving and intersecting fields of design and technology.

Why we do this?

We feel an obligation to inspire our clients to shine as bright as possible and to empower them to take charge of their own identity and digital future.

Where we work?

We work for Churches, Banks and Financial Instiutions , Insurance Firms, Real Estate Firms, Research Firms and Governement Ministries.

Our services

Web Design & Development

Our focus on creative design, usability and modern web standards sets us apart from ordinary web design shops. We design with the user in mind, while custom tailoring the experience and interface to meet your unique goals.

Analytics & Big-Data Systems Development

We build end-to-end big data systems and applications.From the desktop, to web and mobile, we create clean, simple and intuitive interfaces that interact with your system users easily enabling the fastest time of fetching, processing,retrieving and presenting data.

Data as a service

Every business is a digital business, and digital business ecosystems are powered by APIs. Scopic Africa gives you what you need to innovate and be successful in the API and app economy. Hundreds of companies use API's to grow reach with mobile apps, create new products with partners and developers, accelerate internal development through APIs, and gain end-to-end visibility into business with the ability to analyze 360 degrees of information.


Fresh World Bistro

Freshworld Web Design Freshworld

Signature Furniture

Signature Furniture Freshworld

Spurgrowth Business Consulting

Spurgrowth Business Consulting Web Design Spurgrowth

Digital Elite

Digital Elite Web Design Digital Elite

Our Products

"We have lots of data - now what?"
(How can we unlock real value from our data?)

"Executive Dashboards"

End-to-end big data analytics applications that enables the fastest time from raw data to new insights.

Deals Tracking Dashboard

For tracking Company Deals,Pitches Deals

An executive dashboard for tracking Company Deals,Pitches and More.

Online Sales Dashboard

For Tracking Online Sales,Trends and More Blindspot

An executive dashboard for tracking online sales and trends.

"Geo-Analytics Dashboards"



Smart Finance Cloud Banking Solution

For Banks,Saccos,Credit and Financial Institutions Tanuri

SmartFinance is a solution that handles the day-to-day banking operations.

Bill Buddy

Online Billing and Invoicing Solution BillBuddy

An Online Billing and Invoicing Solution

Smart Elimu Cloud Solution

For Schools, Universities, Colleges Tanuri

SmartElimu is a solution that handles the day-to-day school operations.